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Mobile Websites and Responsive Design – BlackJackal

Mobile Websites and Responsive Design

Responsive design

In recent years, mobile technology has rapidly evolved to now allow ‘smart’ use of these devices, from browsing the web on the go to downloading and using the latest apps to perform a variety of day to day tasks.

In a way, mobile websites have always been seen as important, but until recent years the technology and network infrastructure has been fairly restrictive, meaning that there was only so much we could do.

Nowadays, the gap between desktop and mobile based websites seems to be closing. Many companies opt for a mobile version of their website as well as the regular desktop version of their website. This can be done very easily with the recent release of HTML5 and CSS3. SInce their introduction, the concept of ‘Responsive Design’ has been born, meaning that websites can respond to the device they are being viewed on. This not only makes the website readable, it can also make the website more user friendly.

I’ll post more in the coming months on responsive design, but the article above is just a flavour of the direction that mobile devices are heading.

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